Paying Women Compliments Directly Does NOT Work by @RossJeffries

paying women compliments
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paying women complimentsThe moment you start paying women compliments directly, you may well be guaranteeing yourself a dry spell the likes of which are seen only in an equatorial desert, at high noon, on the first day of summer.

Paying women compliments directly (such as “Wow, you really look good today” and “You have the most beautiful, warm, inviting eyes I’ve ever seen”) can easily backfire for one (or more of several reasons:

* She doesn’t really believe it about herself.

* She has reason to believe that you don’t really mean it and are just saying it to get in her pants.

* She has reason to believe you mean it, she believes it about herself too, but it just doesn’t impress her or speak to her in a way that results in her feeling positive about it.

* She is too used to hearing it directly, so it has lost impact.

* She’s heard it all before.

* Because of how she perceives your status or your degree of familiarity with her, she doesn’t believe you should be saying it.

Better Than Paying Women Compliments Directly: Implied Compliments

bookstore150A key point that I drive home again and again with my students is the power of implied compliments.

The implied compliment states something about women who have the qualities you are complimenting her about… and then IMPLIES by virtue of the fact that you are addressing her that she must fit into that group.

[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]Implied Compliments can even change the playing field, making her feel the need to prove herself to you.[/quote]This works because making sense of what is implied is an active process. The listener has to put together the thought/connect the dots on her own.

The thought is, “Oh…he is saying he thinks that about me! How sweet!”

Or, “Oh, he is saying he isn’t sure that is true about me…I better prove to him that it is!”

A Simple Implied Compliment: Dissected For You

Watch how I combine an opening line with an implied compliment with this phrase:

“It’s just that I admire women with really strong fashion sense, so I had to say hello” is saying the following:

1) I admire women who have strong fashion sense.

2) When I admire women like that I am compelled to say hello.

3 I am compelled to say hello to you.

The implied compliment is:

She has really strong fashion sense.

See how this works?

Peace and piece.


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