My Life is Changing by @lbigfoot

my life is changing
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my life is changingAs you all know by now, with all my constant whining and complaining, I am happily married and by choice. My life is changing.

I was born last century and I managed to see five decades of history happening. I was born at a time when there was no television, internet or cellphone and managed to get through it without my wife.

My Life Is Changing

bookstore150Now when I am about to go out, she smiles and me and says, “You are not going out in that shirt!” Say what? This shirt has been good to me for years and I am not allowed to wear it, to work? My boss never complained. Not being one to cause an argument over a shirt, I took the one she handed me and she took my shirt and threw it in the bin! Why? It is ugly! No, it was not!

“Tonite we will go and buy you shirts!” That was not a request, but an order! My life is changing. I always managed to buy my own shirts, but now I am not allowed to.

Well, at least I have my own trousers. You think? That was only temporary! We went on another expensive shopping spree for trousers! My life is changing! I did not tell her that I have taken my clothing to work and secretly change there into my clothes that is have loved for so many years.

Oops, what happens if she comes to visit me at work? Maybe I will ask the guard to stall her while I change into my going home clothes?

So, all my shirts have changed, my trousers, my shoes, my aftershave, my deodorant, but at least I can still wear the underwear I select. Well for now at least!

So my wife wants to change me. It happens. I wonder if she will divorce me because I am not the man she married! Who will tell me what to wear then? My life is changing! Kill Me Now!

Don’t tell my wife, but her taste in clothes is better than mine!


Kill Me Now



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