Grab Your Dating Life by the Balls by @DoomedSingleB

Grab Your Dating Life by the Balls
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Grab Your Dating Life by the Balls

In 2012, The Daily Beast ranked the city that I call home número uno, as in the best, place to find a man. You’re probably ready to pack your bags & book your ticket to this dating mecca but wondering where, right? It’s where the now dated phrase Hotlanta was born and where the peaches grow, Atlanta. As a resident since 1996 let me encourage you to slow your roll. I don’t know how that could be a true stat considering I was doomed in dating before I even knew I was in fact doomed.

I do know this, men are everywhere. I’m ready to grab my dating life by the balls! I’m going to put myself any and everywhere there is going to be a high male to female ratio. In other words, I’m prepared to camp out in the men’s bathroom all in the name of saying, you too can be guaranteed success if you take this route. I might be getting a little carried away. Let’s nix the restroom & instead look beyond the night & strip clubs. Yes, in my younger years I had a one sided romance with a straight man who worked at a non-straight (i.e. gay) strip club. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!

It’s Time to Grab Your Dating Life by the Balls

I did a little “research” to back up what I’m about to tell you, but after coming across a recovery program being a good place to meet a man I stopped. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest doing it your way. As single women we’re bombarded with what to do & what not to do when it comes to finding & holding on to Mr. Right. Here’s a secret: plenty of fuck ups have found love. Take comfort in that. Yes, I’m talking about women who had sex on the first date, work in the porn industry & are the definition of emotional train wreck. If they can do it, so can we damn it!

A Plan of Attack

My plan of attack goes something like this, I’m going to do things I enjoy that I know men enjoy. Like lots of men.

#1 Beer is Manly

This weekend I’m going to a beer festival. Men like beer. I like beer. It’s a match made in beer heaven. I’ve actually had some real success in the man dept. at these types of events. I’d also like to try beer tastings or even a brewery tour. They usually go hand-in-hand & include a glass. I’m all about a cute new glass!

#2 Sports are Manlybookstore150

It’s baseball season. Men like baseball. I don’t actually like baseball but I don’t dislike it, so in my book it counts. What I do like is going to the baseball stadium. I’m big on atmosphere; bring on the beer & peanuts. Even better on Fridays there are  fireworks. Sounds like perfect potential for a homer with a hottie!

#3 Being active is Manly

I’ve recently taken up running. When I can successfully run three miles minus being an out of breath hot mess I’m going to join a running club. Nothing hardcore. Just a few leisurely miles while scoping out the scenery for an attractive man with a pair of legs to match. Running might not be your thing, allow me to suggest the following: kickball, tennis or the driving range.  Just pick something dudes like, don’t be fussy instead be fearless!

I’m no dating expert, at least that’s not my official title. I’m more like a girl with a less than impressive dating resume. You know what, it happens!  I’m just trying to make sense of it all & cordially invite you to tag along. If you’re having fun & enjoying whatever “manly activity” you’ve chosen it’s going to catch someones eye. Whether he’s got boyfriend potential, FWB candidate or a complete dud is anyone’s guess.

Whatever the outcome remember this: one of the most important parts about being single is embracing it!

In other words, grab your dating life by the balls! XO


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V.V. Browne is a thirty something single broad telling her single girl story. She's bitter, sarcastic & waiting for her Mr. Right. My way of giving advice is to tell you what I did, why I probably shouldn't have done it & hope that as your reading your laughing with me and not at me. I just want to figure "this" out. This being living life as a happy single woman. Not just for appearances but like for real. Let's show the world that being single isn't a death sentence, XO

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