Communication is the Key to A Woman’s Heart by @lolaspeaking

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Want to know how to suck the life out of a woman?

Stop communicating with her.  Stop returning her phone calls, or her text messages. Or answering the phone.  Just stop talking to her.  But don’t tell her why. And then watch her shrivel into someone you don’t recognize.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as I get older, it’s that communication is the key to almost everything.

Communication is the key to great sex.  Communication is the key to great parenting (I’ve heard). Communication is the key to a woman’s heart.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not actually giving you permission to do this. It’s ridiculous that these things even happen. I was talking to a friend of mine on the weekend and he said that he’s done that, more than once. While he’s still dating someone, he just stops communicating. Why do that? Why not just end things? Doesn’t that make more sense? Doesn’t that make things easier?

It’s not as easy for women to stop communicating. We are communicators, we come by that naturally. Sometimes, our communication skills are used for good, and sometimes for evil. So it’s a crap shoot I suppose, but talk to us. Life is so much easier that way.bookstore150

Whatever you do, don’t just stop communicating. It’s far less heartbreaking if you just tell us you’re not interested, or you’ve met someone else, or you can’t do this anymore, or even tell us you don’t like us anymore. We can handle that. What we can’t handle is silence. It’s painful. It keeps us up at night. It raises our blood pressure, and our stress level.

And it’s unkind. And disrespectful.

If a woman is good to you. Be good to her.

If a woman communicates with you. Communicate back.  Trust me, the more you communicate, the more she’ll love you. It’s just that easy.  Yes, sometimes it can be uncomfortable to say what you really want to say. But believe me, in the end, it’ll just make things easier.  I just had my heartbroken due to this very thing. And I can tell you, from where I sit, it sucks. Big time.  So whenever possible, please don’t do it. On behalf of all women, everywhere, please. Just don’t.

I thank you in advance for your consideration.


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I firmly believe that we are all put here on this earth to love each other. That there really is someone for everyone (sometimes more than one someone). I believe that we are meant to share our lives with another. And I promise you, I will not rest until I find it. Did i think I'd still be dating into my 40s? Not even a little bit. Will I come out on top? You bet I will. Love always wins.

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  • June 25, 2013

    Fantasy Dating™ Game

    Amen! Just reading the first few sentences of your post got me all riled up. There is nothing I hate more than being ignored.