3 Tips For Men To Organize A Great First Date! by @JoelBild

3 tips for men to organise a great first date
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first date by @JoelBild | Singles WarehouseOrganizing a first date can be a real problem – you don’t want to be boring and go for yet another café latte in some overpriced, overcrowded, poncy coffee shop! Yet anything else can seem like a risk. Well, I’m not going to give you suggestions but, even a better I’ll give you a few simple rules to help you choose and organize a relaxed, smooth, fun first date!

Take the lead when organizing a first date

As a man, I believe you should strive to take the lead on where you go for that first date. Women (generally) like a man who is confident taking the lead and can organize a smooth, fun date. Obviously, this is a generalization, so if you’re open to an independent, modern women taking the lead, then why not! However, first impressions go a very long way so it is well worth taking time and effort in organizing something great…

Preparation is everything!

Choose a lively venue that provides enough stimuli to be fun and interesting to both of you but doesn’t drown out the possibility of good conversation so you can get to know each other a bit. Look in your local ‘what’s on’ guide for inspiration. Whatever you do, check out the venue at the same time and day as your arranged date the week before if you can.

Visit The Singles Warehouse Bookstore Now!Say you’re considering taking your date to an art or photography exhibition, make sure it’s not going to be overcrowded or requiring a long queue at your chosen time – some venues require you to queue even with pre-booked tickets. Check every last detail – preparation is everything! Be prepared to choose something else if it looks like it might be a less than smooth experience for the both of you, unless you know it’s something your date really wants to see.

Make it memorable!

Check every last detail – preparation is everything!
Consider choosing an activity that is novel & different – this can really help to make the date memorable, interesting and exciting! However, beware that there is a slight risk your date will want something more run of the mill. Use your knowledge of what type of person your date is to help you decide. A very successful first date of mine in the past was a trip to Carsten Höller’s sculptures at the London Tate Modern. These sculptures were actually a number of impressive slides that you could hurtle down evoking memories of childhood delight. Of course this was a slightly risky choice and I needed to tell my date to wear trousers not a skirt which actually helped to add an element of surprise and anticipation for my date! It didn’t take a massive amount of thought or preparation to organize but was a little different, memorable, fun and interesting! And there was plenty to talk about when we had a coffee afterwards…

Whatever you organize, make it fun and light-hearted for both of you!

Happy dating!!

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