Leo DiCaprio: Old Sport of Celebrity Dating News by @Shoshi

celebrity dating
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celebrity dating

Since the movie Gatsby has been released, the charming and handsome Leonardo Dicaprio has been at the top of celebrity dating news. DiCaprio has always been attractive, but somewhere along the way he picked up some swagger that makes him quite the eligible hunk these days. As a clairvoyant, I took a look at Dicaprio’s energy to see what is going on with him and when he will find true love.

Celebrity Dating News Calls Him “The Modelizer”

When it comes to his love life, Dicaprio is a total modelizer of celebrity dating which means if you aren’t a model you may never get a date with him.  Dicaprio has dated a long list of beauties which includes: Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli. No one can blame him for wanting a nice piece of arm candy by his side.  However, after a certain length of time, he parts ways with his lady (of the moment) then moves on to the next model. How has this eligible guy managed to stay single all of this time?

Maybe he is destined to do it George Clooney style, no marriage, but a string of lovely ladies that get traded in for a new one when he tires of them. It appears that the ladies want to nest and want more of a committed relationship. Two of his exes even married the men who came after him, Blake Lively married Ryan Reynolds and Gisele Bundchen married Tom Brady.

In a recent magazine interview, Dicaprio stated that being away filming for months at a time does not help a relationship. Let’s keep it real, if there is a will, there is a way. It’s not like he does not have the money to send for his woman not to mention that the ladies he dates have enough money to get a plane ticket.Visit The Singles Warehouse Bookstore Now!

Leo In Love

When I looked at DiCaprio’s energy, I found a bit of a surprise for this love life. While everyone assumes DiCaprio will settle down with a super model, have a few kids, and end up in a super couple unit that is not what is going to happen.

DiCaprio will not end up with a world famous model. The woman that will get him to put a ring on it will be attractive, maybe have modeled a bit, but her passion is philanthropy work. She will not give a hoot about the entertainment business or care that he is famous. When he does meet her, it will be instant magic, for he will know that she is the one. It will be just the thing that he has been looking for to settle down. It should come around the time he hits 40. That gives Leo a few more years to get those young babes and bimbos out of his system for true love.


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