Does Money Make the Man? by @DirtyInPublic

does money make the man
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does money make the man  by @DirtyInPublicWhile indulging my craving for french-fried deliciousness; I saw a handsome 40-something man in perfectly pressed grey slacks, button down shirt, and designer leather shoes walk up to the counter. After a brief flirtatious exchange with an extremely attractive and vivacious 20-something behind the register, he ordered his meal. When she called his number he seized the bag with a wink and a smile. I watched him exit through the double doors; nearly 5 feet from his freshly detailed sports coupe, he slowed his stride and began to shake his head. In a single swift motion, he turned and reentered the burger joint. With a determined stride he approached the object of his affection leaned in and whispered in her ear. With a huge schoolgirl grin she grabbed a pen and jotted something on a napkin which she traded for his business card. She quickly placed it into her logo embroidered shirt pocket as he gently folded the napkin and tucked into his leather wallet as he strolled back to his car.

Why do so many women pass up similar golden opportunities because the handsome, confident man before her is wearing a paper hat?

Scenes like this play daily and are prime examples of men seizing an opportunity; super sized Carpe Diem. After spying this innocent exchange between an enamored man and flattered woman I began to wonder: Why do so many women pass up similar golden opportunities because the handsome, confident man before her is wearing a paper hat? Even in extreme circumstances, the Cinderella’s and Pretty Women in our society are still considered date worthy by most men despite the holes in their dresses and dirt on their knees. However the Question of the Day is: Would a woman make advances on a man who isn’t her financial or social equal? Doubtful. But why? Women are more successful than ever; pulling through the great recession, on average, better off than men and when asked what they look for in a mate; money or financial status rarely makes the list.

If women don’t ‘need’ men for money or rank earnings high on the list of desirable male assets, then why is it so improbable that a woman of means would ever think of asking or accept a date from a man who is not her financial ‘equal?’

When discussing this controversial dating topic with friends and colleagues, I refer to it as the ‘Paper Hat Debate’.
I’m willing to use my personal experience presented here as Exhibit A. Several years ago I trudged to the Christmas tree lot in preparation to celebrate my first Christmas post divorce. A handsome young man helped me with my purchase then offered to load the tree onto my truck. After some flirting, he asked for my number. His smile made me swoon and I saw no harm in giving my digits. We chatted on the phone a couple times but it wasn’t until our first date a couple weeks later that he revealed he was actually an EMT/firefighter. As it turned out he came from a family of farmers and volunteered time to help support a fellow local grower during hard times. When I smugly illustrated my extraordinary open-mindedness to friends, one brought me back to Earth with one simple question, “Were you looking for a relationship?” I responded meekly, “No, I just got divorced.” My friends looked at each other and allowed me to process the point. Is it true? Was I fooling myself to think I was different? Did I give my number to an assumed farm hand, knowing it wasn’t going further than casual dating? I have to admit that the most likely answer is a softly spoken, yes.

Visit The Singles Warehouse Bookstore Now!In reality women are the choosers. If a woman truly wants a man in her life then she can have one, at anytime, no matter her situation. However men must hoist an ‘I’m available’ flag high and cast a large net hoping to snag a woman willing to be caught! The reality of the situation is that women are not honest with themselves about how truly ingrained the selection criteria men are subject to; they’re simply in denial, like I was. Women are genetically programmed to be ‘picky’ in order to ensure the survival of our offspring. Even though times have changed and coupling with a man is no longer required to secure female existence; the code runs deep. For a woman to admit that she requires a man with equal or greater resources is social suicide. Rather than being praised for her honesty she’ll likely be placed on the Feminist’s 10 Most Wanted List, which is why many surveys don’t reflect this truth.

Does Money Make the Man? For Most Women, Yes it DOES!

Money Make the Man by @DirtyInPublicIt’s time for women to be honest with themselves. Here’s a dose of reality.

Brad Pitt has repeatedly coveted the title of The Sexiest Man Alive. Without a doubt, most women swoon when his stunning profile graces the movie screen. I doubt though that most women {especially, Angelina} would consider accepting a date from Brad if he were still the El Pollo Loco chicken. On the other hand Matt Damon married a gorgeous woman who happened to be a bartender. ‘Nuff said.

Women have always had the same goal…to be in a relationship based on equality. If a man in his 30’s works slinging burgers, women automatically assume he lacks confidence or ambition. But who’s to say that the handsome man wearing the paper hat isn’t a former Exec, gifted novelist or brilliant engineer who is both industrious and humble. Perhaps he is extremely confident and secure enough in his own identity to take employment anywhere in order to make ends meet or cultivate a dream to create a better future. The fact remains that the woman who grabbed her to-go order with a flirtatious smile will never know…because she never gave him the chance. She passes a super-sized moment because all she can see is his paper hat.


Does money matter to you when seeking your soul mate? Should it matter? Weigh-in and Continue the ‘Paper Hat Debate‘ in the comments below! 

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