A Recipe For Dating Success by @DontKillYourDat

Recipe For Dating
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Recipe For DatingThere is an on going argument in the dating world about what constitutes the best first date and what really is the recipe for dating success. Many say that the ubiquitous “coffee date” is the best and safest route. Others shun that for something with more emotional impact, say rock climbing or a scary movie. And, of course, there is the ever popular “Happy Hour Hangout.”

These are safe, public, meeting sessions so you can find out if your target o’ love is a nice, interesting person or a completely batshit crazy bunny boiler. All of these are very viable and will work to varying degrees – as an introduction (and I do highly recommend any of these as a first step especially in online dating). But once you get the initial pleasantries out of the way, the next step is almost always the same. The official dinner date. For this I recommend…

A Recipe For Dating Success

Here is how it goes. You already know there is a connection. You have met and yes indeed, she does look like her profile picture. Hooray! Now it is time for you to step up and do something interesting and different from all the other shmoes out there. It’s time for you to COOK dinner. Cooking is one of the most impressive weapons you can put on your Dating Utility Belt. If you don’t know how, it’s time to learn to cook. You can find Cooking 101 everywhere these days. Grab some Food Network recipes, or take a cooking class, which is also a great place to meet like minded ladies! If you are reading this online, go to YouTube and you can learn just about anything there. Feel free to pop over to my site as well for some video tips, recipes, and such.

  • By cooking, you are showing her that you have actually taken the time to prepare something specifically for her. There is thoughtfulness, care, and artistry in this. It is called Culinary ARTS after all. If you pan sear a filet in front of her, it is much more impressive than someone else doing it locked away in a sweaty kitchen. This is sexy food!
  • You get to set the mood here. Having some wine, candles, soft music, and flowers may sound cliche, but ask any woman if she would enjoy it, and I dare say the answer would be a resounding “Yes!” And you do not have to worry about being interrupted at all.
  • You don’t have to wonder if she wants to come to your place or not. She’s already there! She is obviously interested. Whether or not anything happens is another story. Just be happy that you have a lovely lady there enjoying your company and do not expect or demand anything but relaxed intimate conversation and let everything flow easily.
  • It’s frickin CHEAP! Did you know that you can buy a nice sized steak for less than $10? Yep, you sure can. Now you have a ton of things you can do to it once you learn how. And it’s surprisingly simple. Once you practice, you can easily wow her with your impressive knife-cutting skills, as you chop up some nice veggies to roast alongside.

The Benefits To This Stay At Home Date Scenario Are Numerous!

Visit The Singles Warehouse Bookstore, Now!There are many more truly great reasons to learn to cook and you will learn them as you embark on your own culinary quest in romantic dating. And to aid you in that, here is one of my all time favorite and easiest date dishes. Yum Yum, Gimme Some!

Keep Spicin’ It Up!



(Thomas Keller Inspired) Baked Chickenrecipe


One whole chicken (at room temperature!)

Vegetables (cut in large chunks)- onions, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, potatoes, etc.

olive or grapeseed oil

salt and pepper

Thyme, tarragon, rosemary, marjoram, etc.

Heat oven to 450 degrees

Place veggies in a large heavy (oven safe) frying pan (large baking dish if you must)

Pour a little oil on veggies (not on chicken!) and mix up, add salt and pepper

Wash and pat dry chicken (don’t forget to remove the bag o’ liver, heart, and gizzards)

Truss and remove wishbone (if you are advanced)

Salt and pepper chicken inside and out and sprinkle with herbs

Place atop veggies

Roast (apx 45-60 mins.) till bird is 170 degrees at the inner thigh (yes, get a meat thermometer!)

Let bird sit for 10-15 minutes covered with a tin foil “tent”

Carve and serve with veggies

Watch her face light up


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The “Dating Sage,” Spike Spencer, is an internationally known public speaker, actor, voice over talent, and a Foodie of the first magnitude. He is also a self-published author, with thousands of books sold. For the past 6 years, Spike has been speaking in his humorous “Don’t Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips)” panel at conventions around the world. Thousands have enjoyed his talks about dating, relationships, and “being a man,” using cooking, adventure, and self improvement as his mediums. At some of these appearances, Spike actually cooks for the crowd. Spike is currently in production on the TV pilot of his "Don't Kill Your Date (and Other Cooking Tips)" cooking/dating talk show, and writing the companion book, of the same title. The DKYD concept derives from a very real desire to help guys become better MEN, spurred by Spike’s own personal story of divorce tragedy, bankruptcy, love lost, and re-emergence into the dating world. Through Spike’s “field research” - dating triumphs and tragedies, crazy experiences, PUA studies, and learning to really listen to women and build a strong successful relationship- Spike is the straight guy women can count on to help them translate their needs to their men. Spike uses cooking, a very real and popular way to expand a man’s arsenal of desirable traits, to help men attract the woman of their dreams, just like Spike has done!

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