Through Sickness and Health by @lbigfoot

sickness and health by @lbigfoot | Singles Warehouse
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sickness and health by @lbigfoot | Singles WarehouseI was watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory and Howard and his wife Bernadette had not seen one another for a while. When they got back together, she said she had arranged the whole night alone with him and proceeded to sneeze in his face. Her nose dripping and runs to the bathroom, she still wanted sex. Looking at that scene and her, my only thought was “Gross!” Actually it seemed like Howard had the same feeling but still had to try and perform. When we take a marriage vow, it is through the good and the bad which also means through sickness and health.

“Through Sickness and Health”

This episode struck close to home. About a week ago, three weeks after our marriage, my wife got sick. Very sick.  Temperatures soaring upwards and I found myself awake at 2:00 am and 5:00 am to check her temperature, prepare a beverage or just bring a damp cloth. This is all normal in a relationship, is it not? Preparations for the required onslaught of the pitter-patter of mini-me’s?

So, this week, with the high temperatures and rushing to the ER to spend the night there instead of the comfort of our own bed, I was by her side as any doting husband should be. Frankly, she would do exactly the same for me. Actually, women all tell me that men are like babies when they are sick and they have to mother them. A woman will go to work when she has the flu so that she can infect others there.

So getting back to my own predicament and the connection to The Big Bang Theory episode, my wife’s temperature went from normal to high and I managed to bring it back to normal levels with the use of medication. However when the temperature got back to normal levels, she wanted sex. Normally I would agree and not hesitate, but her body has a rash all over. Do I know if it is contagious or not? It does not even look pretty. Do I give in or stand my ground? Fortunately, this is a short phase, but two weeks is not so short! Will the scars go away? Is it  safe to kiss her? Sickness and health!

In the Jewish religion, the father of the bride basically sells his daughter in what is called a Kettubba. Of course this is symbolic, biblical and a lot of hogwash, but I wonder if the sale does not come with a warranty? After three weeks of use, the product breaks down! Can it not be replaced?

All jokes aside, I would never replace my wife and I will be by her side in sickness and health for as long as she allows it. Kill Me Now!

Get out and date, my friends!

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