How To Handle A Height Difference On A Date by @OnlineDateCoach

Height Difference by @OnlineDateCoach | Singles Warehouse
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How important is a height difference to you? Height is important to most people. A man’s height is the number one thing a girl looks for on an online dating profile. And yes, plenty of guys also searching online care about height too.

Height Difference by @OnlineDateCoach | Singles WarehouseSo what’s the best way to deal with a height difference with someone you meet online?

Sadly, a lot of people say they won’t actually date someone who’s outside of their height range. Any kind of a height difference on a date would make them feel uncomfortable.

Don’t Lie About a Height Difference, Just To Get a Date

Online dating profiles are a common place for dating singles to lie about their height. I say just be honest–don’t think that by lying you’ll increase your chances with a person because when they do meet you offline, they will know how tall you are!

Beautiful, tall girls trim inches off their height just so their dating profiles won’t intimidate or turn guys off who might be looking for shorter, more petite females. Well did you ever think that maybe your height could be your advantage?

Height Difference = Not Average

You never know what someone is looking for. Maybe they don’t know what they’re looking for–until they find it. You have to be honest about things like your height and you also have to be open to new and different things when you’re dating too.

You don’t want to miss your chance to catch that persons interest and when you lie, you risk not having yourself stand out from the crowd.

Have Confidence in Who You Are, Height Differences and All

Be proud of who you are ladies and hold your head up tall no matter how tall you are. And always remember that your features are unique and there no one else quite like you out there, so show it off.

And look confident in how you present yourself gentlemen. If you find that you have to look up at your date, do it with a smile. Let her know how proud you are to have such a beautiful lady with you.

If you find that you have a hard time feeling confident when you’re on dates, contact me for coaching. I have some tricks that you can always turn to when you start to get that funny, self-conscious feeling on a date.

Have ever lied about your height to a date or a potential date?

Has an online date ever turned out looking so different from what their profile said? What did you do??

Tell me about it in the comments section below.

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  • April 8, 2013

    Dirty In Public

    Great post! I never understood why people lie about their height in their online dating profiles. What? Do you think that when they see you they won’t notice?

  • April 10, 2013


    This advice is bulls*$#. Look, we all know girls will date and bang some guy just because he’s tall. As long as women as a gender just reward some guys with sex for being tall or having the right color eyes or having the right color skin (and women do this, LOTS OF WOMEN) then never feel bad about lying to them to just get an audition or to get laid. PLAY YOUR PART.

  • April 10, 2013

    Dating Disasters

    I like this post… There is absolutely NOTHING more attractive than self-confidence.