“Find Me a Boyfriend!” – First Date Tips for Women by @howcanufindlove

find me a boyfriend
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find me a boyfriend

If the thought “find me a boyfriend” sends shivers down your spine, you probably just need a little courage and confidence to go out and get what you deserve out of life. If you’re constantly wondering, “when will I find love,” then what you need is a shot of self-esteem and a few tips and tricks to get the conversation going on a first date. These don’t require you to change your behavior, but they do require that you apply yourself to these concepts with an open mind. After all, the question is not “will I find love,” it is “when will I find love?”

Find me a Boyfriend who is…

Open and Honest?

If you want to attract this type of person, then you have to be prepared to do some listening. It’s natural to want to dominate the conversation on the first date; sometimes, it’s nervousness that causes it. But you need to keep a tight lip and an open ear if you want him to feel comfortable.

Comfortable with me?

Another side-effect of being nervous is the ‘interrogative mode’. If you’re blasting questions at him, he might start to feel like he needs a lawyer just to respond to the barrage. This brings us to the next point…


A man can often be interesting only if there is someone interested in him – and that’s your decision. Don’t show false interest and mislead him into thinking that there’s something special with you when there actually isn’t.  At the same time, however, playing hard-to-get may only serve to drive him away. If you really want to answer the question “when will I find love” then now is the time. It either is or isn’t – don’t take the middle path on this if you really want to find a soulmate who you can share your life with.


No man (or woman, for that matter) is fault-free. On the other hand, don’t make him feel like you’re counting his faults and waiting for him to reach some kind of ‘magic number of faults’ so you can dump him after the first date. Be sensitive to his deficiencies – you may not like them but you certainly don’t need to highlight them either.

These tips will help you control your own behavior on the first date – an important one if the relationship does take a positive turn after that. You ask again: “will I find love?” – the answer: Yes, you will, but it’s up to you to nurture that relationship from the word go.



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