Does he like you or is he just trying to have sex with you by @realmrlocario

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Women are usually aware of how much men can focus on sex.  These women have noticed that a man who is flirting with them most likely has one thing on his mind: Having sex with her.

He doesn’t care what you have to say

Even though women are aware of how much men want to have sex with them, I’ve met so many women who make the mistake of thinking that when a man first meets them that he is actually interested in the type of person she is. Some men are interested in a woman’s  personality at first, but there are a lot of men who are just talking to a girl because they like her cleavage. To a woman it seems like he’s trying to get to know her. A man will be talking to a woman and asking her questions about herself,  but sometimes what she is actually saying doesn’t necessarily matter to him.  So what if she’s from New Jersey or that she works in real estate,  he probably doesn’t care all that much about her answers. The reason he is engaging in conversation with this woman is to get her to let her guard down and get more comfortable with him in hopes that she will be attracted to him.  He feels that he needs to act like he’s interested in what you’re saying for a while before he can make a move.  So he feels like he needs to be asking the right questions and smiling at the right times,  in order to get some.

He Doesn’t Have To Like You To Have Sex With You

In some cases a guy might like a woman he wants to have sex with, but there are other times where he might not like her at all. A man doesn’t even have to be that attracted to a woman or think that she is even that interesting in order to want to have sex with her. While there are some men who are real picky about who they sleep with, there are other men that will do it with almost any girl. Most men know how to separate their emotions from the sex. So just because he doesn’t feel connected to a woman emotionally doesn’t stop him from wanting to pursue her for a sexual encounter.

Making Him Wait Won’t Work

Some women try to hold off on sex, thinking that this is going to make the guy like her more.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t work. Like I said earlier there are some men who don’t care what you are about and are not even paying attention to who you are. Even if you make a man wait a while before you have sex with him there are men who will actually stick around and pretend to like you just to get in your pants. When I talk to women about this, they often ask me the same question: “How do I know if a guy really likes me, or if he just wants to have sex?”

How To Find Out If A Guy Really Likes You

There are really no clear signs that you can look out for to tell if a guy is into you or is just into your booty. The only way  to find out if a guy really likes you or just wants you for sex is you have to have sex with him. Get sex out of the way and you will really see if a guy likes you or not.

Look at it this way. If a man was a millionaire and was wondering if  a woman he is with really likes him for him or if she is just with him for his money he would have to get rid of his money to really find out. If she stays after the money is gone then she really liked him for who he is. If she leaves after the money is gone then it was just about the money. So the same thing applies here. If you have sex with a guy and  he sticks around and is trying to see you again, then he probably likes you.  If he’s not trying to see you again, then he probably didn’t really  like you that much. Also please don’t make the mistake of thinking a guy is going to stick around just for the sex. He might stick around for a little while, but no man in his right mind is going to stay with a woman for the long term who he can’t stand just so he can have sex with her.

If a man really likes you then you’ll find out when you wake up one day next to him and realize that he has been with you for an extended period of time. So if you want to find out if a guy really  likes you and wants to be with you, all you have to do is have sex with him, wait and see what happens.

-Mr. Locario

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