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Friend Zone by @DatingAdviceGrl | Singles Warehouse
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Friend Zone by @DatingAdviceGrl | Singles WarehouseYou wanted to take things slow and keep things casual with your new love-interest, but now things are so casual that you fear that you’ve missed your chance to add romance into the mix. It’s so easy to accidentally end up in the friend zone instead of getting romantic with someone new.but there are 2 big things you can do to help avoid just being friends.

Two Big Things to Avoid The Friend Zone

1. Make it clear, or at least drop hints to your love-interest that you are interested in dating them romantically. We’re not talking about prematurely professing your love for your crush or spending large sums of money to woo your crush, but it’s important to be clear about not wanting to keep things platonic and friendly. If you don’t make it clear sooner rather than later that you’re interested in being more than just friends, someone else could beat you to it. If at some point you don’t make your intentions clear, your love-interest will start to see you as just a buddy and you’ll unintentionally end up in the friend zone.

2. Being friends is great, but if you are interested in something more, it’s important to step up and make more formal plans. Opt for a dinner date rather than your usual coffee date or happy hour drink date. Instead of something impromptu or last minute, make plans to hang with your potential love-interest days in advance perhaps on one of the most coveted dating nights, Friday or Saturday. The kind of date you choose directly effects the mood you are setting with your potential love-interest. Avoid getting stuck in a casual, friendly dating rut, by making more of an effort. It’s the details that make the difference.

I’m a big fan of the daytime date, casual dates and coffee dates, especially early-on, but at some point that should shift if you want anything romantic to develop. That shift is not going to happen from just wishing and hoping. It’s up to you to plan or suggest dates that fit your intentions. Do what you can to avoid getting stuck in the friend zone.

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  • April 15, 2013


    Just be very careful. As one friend of mine said when I approached her, “If it does not work out, then she will loose me as a friend.”