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Spike Spencer
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Name: Spike Spencer, the Dating SageSpike Spencer

Age: 44 yrs young

Relationship Status: In a wonderful committed relationship with an amazingly beautiful and talented young writer, producer, fitness company president, and ex Miss California contestant, en route to a long and happy life together with my true soul-mate.

Location: Living in Los Angeles

Fun Fact:

On a trip to Japan, I had my head shaved by a Buddhist monk at a Buddhist temple in Mt. Koya, Japan. Hey, when in Rome…

Best Date You’ve Been On?

At this point, I have to go with my first Honeymoon in Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, and Auckland. One long and awesome date (Yes, continue dating your wife after you are married!). It was my first International trip. The first night was New Years Eve and we watched the Sydney Harbor Bridge go up in amazing fireworks! Played with Wallabies, ate Kangaroo, hung out with Maori friends, got bit by an Emu, road jet boats, drank tons of awesome Aussie beers (best in the world, btw), patted a wombat named Chrissie, gagged on Vegemite, fell in love with meat pies, saw glow worm caves, and had the crap scared out of us by crazy Kiwi tour bus drivers. Planning on topping it with my new love!

What’s your most embarrassing dating story?

Having to deal with someone from an online service that looked NOTHING like her picture. In fact, she was fairly hideous really, and a little crazy. I felt like a victim of the old “Bait and Switch” routine. Feigned having a cold so as to not get close to her. It was a true test of being a pleasant gentleman under terrible circumstances. Still haunts me… (Cue Homer Simpson shudder here…)

What do you think a relationship is about?

A relationship is all about being each other’s cheerleaders. You have to communicate, support, and constantly strive to improve yourselves and each other in a solid trustworthy environment. If you can’t trust, there is no relationship.

What golden bit of online dating advice would you give?

Online advice? Well, obviously, LOOK LIKE YOUR PICTURE! But beyond that, do your own homework and make sure that person is “as advertised” before you meet. And hide the cutlery….. Also, before you post, check in with yourself. Make sure you are posting from a strong happy place. Whatever you put in print comes from what’s inside you. And it will express itself in your writing.


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