The Best Way for Men To Handle Rejection by @realmrlocario

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Most of the time in the dating game a man will be the one pursing the woman. Since the man is the pursuer in most cases he will come in contact with a lot of rejection. Nobody likes to be rejected. If you see a girl that you want and you approach her you want to get her. The truth is that everyone gets rejected. So if you come to terms with that first then that is a good start in learning how to handle rejection.

Talk To A Lot Of Women

I usually advise men to talk to a lot of women everyday. A man’s chances of getting with women will be greater than if he was talking just to one woman here and there. These women can be future sex buddies, girlfriends or wives depending on how far the man wants to take the relationship. The flip side of this is that his chances of being rejected will also be greater because he is talking to a lot of women.

So for example, let’s say a guy approached 10 girls in one month and out of those 10 girls he only got contact info from one girl. That would mean he got rejected by 9 girls and only got contact info from 10 percent of the girls he talked too. Now let’s say another guy talked to 10 times the amount of girls in a month (which would be 100 girls) and let’s pretend this guy had the same 10 percent ratio as the other guy. That would mean this guy got contact info from 10 girls and got rejected by 90 girls. So if you talk to more girls your chances of getting with more girls will be higher, but at the same time your chances of getting rejected will most likely be higher too.

It’s A Numbers Game

The best way to handle rejection is to talk to more women. The more women you talk to the more numbers and emails you will get. You have to also remember that even if you get a girls contact info she can still reject you. She could never return your call or you might go out with her one time and never hear from her again. So what do you do if that happens? That’s right you guessed it YOU TALK TO MORE WOMEN. It’s a numbers game.

While you are talking to more women there will be times that you will be getting rejected, but you have to remember that rejection is part of the game. Just brush it off and don’t let it get you down, just keep going; some girls will be interested in you. In the example above the first guy talked to 10 girls and he got 1 girl’s contact info. The other guy talked to 100 girls and got 10 girls’ contact info. So if we combine these two examples then that means that they got contact info from one out of ever ten girls they talked to. That’s not bad! Just keep being persistent and don’t let the rejection bother you. Remember, everyone gets rejected its part of the game.


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