Dating Multiple People Can Help Your Love Life by @realmrlocario

dating multiple people
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dating multiple people

If you are interested in just being with one person it is a good idea to date a lot of different people before you decide to be with just one person. If you are currently in a relationship with someone, it is going great, and you and this person connect really well then consider yourself lucky and stick with that person. On the other hand if you are single, it would help you out in the long run if you were to date around and have your options open.

Relationship vs Dating Multiple People

What some people do is get into relationships with people just because they have been seeing each other for a while, they don’t want to be alone, or they see all of their other friends in relationships so now they want one of their own. The reason why dating multiple people can help you find the right person for you is mainly because you have more options to choose from when your dating. When a person has more options in the dating game they don’t feel as much pressure to make things work with any one person.

If it doesn’t work with that person it doesn’t really matter because you have a lot more people to choose from. While you are dating these people you start to see similar traits in the people that you are dating that you like and certain things you might not like so much. This then gives you a chance to learn more about yourself. You learn how you act and react to different types of people. Now you have a better understanding of what works for you and what doesn’t work for you in a relationship.

The Down Side of Relationships

The problem with dating one person at a time is the one person becomes your whole dating life. If it doesn’t work out with that person you might feel upset and hurt and then you start to fear relationships. This is usually why when people stop seeing someone they are dating they are scared to start seeing someone else. Keep in mind that I’m talking about dating and not talking about being in a committed relationship with someone. When you break up with someone you have been in a serious relationship with, you might need some time to get over it or need some time to yourself depending on the type of person you are and how much you valued the relationship.

When your dating multiple people it gives you a different perspective on relationships. Even if you are not hitting it off with this one person you will have another person that you can get with. If one person isn’t returning your calls it’s OK because another person is returning your calls. This perspective gets rid of the notion that “all men” are (insert your insult here) or all women are (insert your insult here).

Have an Open Mind

You will have a more open mind about people and relationships. If you thought that all women were flaky you will notice that 2 of the 5 women that you are dating aren’t flaky because they call you back and keep all of their appointments with you. If you thought all men just want you for sex, 2 out of the 5 men that you are dating still want to see you even though you haven’t had sex with them or you did have sex with them and they still stuck around. In the long run if you decide that staying with one person is what you really want, then that one person that you choose will be the “type” of person that you know you really want. You would have experienced interacting with different types of people.

Of course at the end of the day everyone is an individual, but there will always be a certain type of characteristic that an individual might have that attracts you. You found out that you liked that characteristic by experiencing those type of traits in the people you’ve dated. So if you want to narrow it down to one person, you will know exactly want you want and what you are looking for. If that person that you’ve found knows exactly what they are looking for, you and that person would make a great match for each other.


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