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dates a beast | singles warehouseIs she really going out with him?

We’ve all heard the clichés that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that it is skin deep; and that opposites attract.  Sure, these expressions are trite, and there are exceptions to every generalization, but, there is a fundamental truth inherent in them as well. Conventionally beautiful people, with their large eyes, buff bodies, and symmetrical features are most certainly aesthetically pleasing, but, we all know, when it comes to love and lasting relationships, there are far more important qualities that a significant other needs to possess. There are some very real reasons why a pretty girl might choose to date a beast of a man.

Benefits of dating a beast:

He will not cheat

Very beautiful girls and incredibly handsome men do not normally have difficulty attracting admirers. Simply put, the beautiful people are presented with more opportunities to cheat than are those considered less so.  Anyone who’s ever been on a diet knows that temptation is difficult to resist, so, it stands to reason that the more attractive among us will be statistically more likely to betray their commitment in a moment of weakness.

He  will work harder to maintain the relationship

In a society that values physical beauty above all other traits (just look at every advertisement in every magazine on earth- nothing gets sold by showcasing an average looking model’s kindness or ability to be a great listener), it’s no wonder that the very good-looking tend to develop a sense of entitlement to admiration. Thus, they may not have developed the capability to reciprocate the necessary affection to their partners to sustain a mutually satisfying romantic relationship. The average or below-average mate, on the other hand, may thank his lucky stars for his good fortune in landing a babe, and work diligently to ensure his partner’s happiness.

He will raise your own self-esteem

Even women who are considered classically beautiful harbor insecurities about their appearance. Partnering with a man who is less conventionally attractive will allow an insecure woman to feel better about her perceived flaws as she compares herself to him. And the benefits don’t stop there. There is a significant upside for the beast as well.  When a woman feels desirable in every ounce of her being, she is apt to be freer (and freakier) in bed, and the beast doesn’t really have to DO anything to ignite this freedom in her. Simply by BEING less than drop-dead gorgeous, he will automatically elevate his partner’s feelings of her own attractiveness, thereby unleashing her inner sex goddess. Win-win if you ask me.

Attraction isn’t always about aesthetic beauty. Coupling with a man who possesses the character traits that you find most important will yield many more years of relationship happiness than will dating an Abercrombie model. Besides, if the love, commitment, and compatibility are there, your beast will almost certainly become your Adonis.

So, yes, she really IS going out with him, and what a lucky girl she is.

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