5 Mistakes Men Make While Dating by @realmrlocario

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Dating one girl at a time

If you like to have sex, don’t limit your options by dating only one girl at a time. Dating multiple women increases your chances of getting laid, since you won’t be depending on just one person to make this happen. If you make plans with one girl, and she flakes on you, you can just call another one. Maximizing your options keeps your sex life more fun and active. Keep your options open, then if someone stands out make her your girlfriend.

Trying to impress her

If you are just getting to know a woman, you should not be going out of your way to impress her. Stop agreeing with her and acting like everything she says is interesting. It doesn’t make her like you more. The truth is that women don’t like this nice guy act. It usually makes you seem pretentious and insecure. All you have to do is to be yourself, relax, and be present. If she is unimpressed with your cool, fun and naturally opinionated side, then pursuing her is going to be pointless.

Spending a lot of money

Spending a lot of money on women you are just getting to know is a foolish waste. Only a prostitute should expect for you to pay for the time you spend with her. You are both finding out if you like each other, so it’s not a privilege that she is bestowing on you. Either split the bill evenly, or do something that’s free. The focus of first dates should be on getting to know each other, not wasting your money on someone that you may or may not want to see again. If you do decide to spend money on a woman make sure it is something that is going to cost $10 or less. Take her to get some coffee or a hot dog. If a woman is really into you she is not going to care how much money you spend on her. She is just going to enjoy your company.

Being overly romantic

Some men will roll out the red carpet for a woman they just met. They will show up on a first date with flowers and candy. This is a big mistake. Take her off of the pedestal. When you are first getting to know a woman you should not go over the top; take baby steps. Also some woman will most likely see you as being too much of a nice guy. Once a woman becomes your girlfriend or your wife, then you can be as romantic as you want to be. If you and a woman are just dating, and just getting to know each other, don’t be overly romantic.

Taking on the friend role

In order to be with a woman, you may think you should make her feel comfortable with you by acting nice and listening to her problems. Unfortunately though, this can actually ruin your chances of a sexual relationship. Once you are in the friend zone, a woman will think of you as a girl friend rather than someone she might get sexual with. You are not being disrespectful, you are simply maintaining course with clear intentions.

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