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first date impression
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first date impression

When you walk into the coffee shop, pub, or local cafe to meet your latest online date, are you thinking of what kind of first date impression you’re making? You should be. As much as we don’t want to admit it, first impressions are strong and hard to overcome if they’re negative. You are registering an impression of your date as he or she is also doing with you. So, can you insure that you’re putting out the best physical and personal picture that you can on that first meeting?

How Do We Form First Impressions?

To answer that you first have to understand what it is about us humans that creates those all important first date impressions. There was a study done recently with 151 college students in which they were asked to rate the appeal of the opposite sex first based on photos alone and then they were asked to rate them again after being given a few minutes to get to know them (similar to speed-dating). Researchers were able to accurately predict who the subjects wanted to see again after meeting them. So, first impressions are a mix of objective attractiveness and subjective attractiveness. It really IS in the eye of the beholder. So how in heck do you use this to make the best first impression?

First, remember that this person has seen and liked your online dating photos. That’s a big first step. If you don’t have photos posted on the dating site…you should, at least one. It should also be current because nothing, and I mean nothing will put out a BAD first impression more than not looking like your head shot (get rid of those photos from 10 years ago!). So relax and know that you’re part of the way there already.

Confidence Makes A Great First Impression

That feeling of confidence that you now have, knowing your date likes your looks, is the next part of the equation. Nothing is sexier or more appealing than meeting someone who’s comfy in their own skin. When you meet your date and you’re smiling, putting your hand out to shake, or even giving them a big friendly hug, you’re putting them at ease. When your date knows you’re happy to be there it gives them confidence in themselves and that in turn lends to your great first impression.

Your Personality Colors Your Looks

Finally, let your personality shine. I’ve really lost count of how many times in my life I’ve met someone who’s looks, to me, were just average but who became more and more adorable as I got to know them. This is one of the areas of subjective appeal. There’s something about a great personality that just colors our looks and overall physical appeal. And you don’t have to be a chatterbox, or the funniest person in the room either. You just have to let the best parts of your natural personality show through, be it your intelligence, your wit, your compassion. Let you be YOU.

You’ll surely make the best first impression you possibly can with these simple strategies. Will it guarantee that you’ll have a second date? Maybe not…your date might not be making a great impression with you, or you too may just not have any of that elusive “chemistry”. But you’ll have a great time on your date now matter what…and, you’ll know you won’t be missing your golden opportunity when you DO meet the right person!


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  • January 17, 2013

    Single Dating Diva

    First dates are definitely high pressure but it may be the only time you have to make a good first impression! Great tips!!