The Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Lovers by @LaProvocateur

gift giving
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gift giving

[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]A new love can make an already stressful holiday season seem even more overwhelming.[/quote] While all of the cheer and good will can be exciting, the holiday season can certainly be stressful, too. Between the exhausting schedule of holiday parties and the confusion of gift-giving etiquette, December festivities can feel like quite a burden. Add to that a new relationship, and you can easily find yourself screaming “BAH HUMBUG” instead of humming along to “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Have no fear, dearest readers. La Petite Provocateur is here with my very own gift giving guide for lovers to help keep you on the path to holiday cheer and a new year filled with continued love and blessings.

DO Set Gift Giving Guidelines in Advance

It may seem unromantic, but setting clear expectations and guidelines for your gift giving in advance not only creates an even playing field, but it can also spare you both a lot of disappointment and embarrassment come Christmas Day. There is no shame in setting a budget, and being clear on to whom you are giving gifts (each other’s parents, for example) is essential.

DON’T Limit Yourself to the Obvious

Sweaters, scarves, and mittens are thoughtful and appropriate for the season. However, look beyond the obvious holiday essentials and pick a gift that is personal to your partner and your partnership. Get quirky and get personal. Do they love football? Get them tickets to see their favorite team. Have they been pulling extra hours at the office? A gift certificate for a massage would be extra appreciated. I’m a big fan of giving “experiences” as gifts (concert tickets, zip lining, etc) since it also means building a new memory together.

DO Listen Up

You partner will often leave hints, even if inadvertently, about the things that they like and desire. Maybe they point out their favorite heels when you stroll pass Kate Spade, or perhaps they mention how much they really need a new briefcase and love Tumi. These are all clues about gifts that might go that extra mile to show that you are tuned in to them and care.

DON’T Get Kinky For Christmas

I’m all for a little kink, but Christmas is one of the few times that I still hold sacred. Save the sex coupons, handcuffs, and lube for Valentine’s Day (it’s closer than you think!) and use the holidays to give gifts that show you truly care.

DO Get Creative

A heartfelt gift doesn’t have to come from a store. Something that shows that you are also willing to put in the time and love to make something special for your lover is an incredible gesture. I’m always a fan of a scrapbook of your favorite memories from the previous year, and knitting a scarf or hat means so much more than the store-bought version. This rule is especially important if you are on a tighter budget.

DON’T Even Think About Re-Gifting

Personally, I see no real shame in re-gifting if you never used something and know someone who would appreciate the item more than you. However, this is an act best reserved for friends, co-workers and neighbors…NOT your lover. Don’t re-gift to them. End of story.

Most of all, dear readers, remember that the holidays are a time to reflect on the past year and focus on building a brighter future. You have so much to be grateful for, and taking the time to show those that mean the most to you how much you care for and appreciate them is really what it’s all about. As long as you show genuine thought and care in your gift selection, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Happy holidays…and happy gift giving, my loves.


La Petite Provocateur

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