Sex Drive by @SingleCGirl

Sex Drive @SingleCGirl
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Sex Drive @SingleCGirl

As humans we all have a drive to have sex, it can range from something very minimal to something that some might call a nympho.  But where do you fit in?  Does your sex drive or you partner’s sex drive really matter?

Sex Drive – What is Normal Anyway?

While in search of something to write about again this week, I found myself talking with a guy I sometimes hang out with.  We started talking about sex drive.  After discussing his and a little bit of mine, this got me to thinking about the subject a little more, so much so that I thought I would do some reading and browsing of articles online.  A lot of the articles talk about how much lower women’s libidos were than men’s.  There was study upon study in all of the medical web sites on this conclusion.  Most of the studies concluded that the reason why men have a high sex drive then women was, essentially, that they admittedly think about it more and are more willing to jump into a sexual encounter than women.  They stated that most women need more of a connection before they are willing to have sex with a man and that for women sex is more of an emotion act then it is for men.

Say It Ain’t So!

The more I get to know some of the writers not only on Singles Warehouse and also read blogs by other female writers, I see a lot of women with very active and what I would consider healthy sex drives.  A lot but not all of them having sex because they enjoy it, not because they need to be emotionally connected to that person.  I also know some men that need that emotional connection for sex too.  So what are these studies really showing us?  Like any study, it is just that “a study”.  They take a group of people ask questions and then come to a conclusion.  What matters is how you feel.

Does Your Sex Drive and the Sex Drive of Your Partner Really Matter?

I guess that too depends on you and how much you want to have sex.  I know of one lady when she got married got her husband to promise that they will have sex at least three times a week, or she would not marry him.  But I think open communication in a relationship is important.  Communicate about your desires and wishes.  Yes there are times when your sex drive may not be as strong as it was a few month before.  There are a lot of things can affect our sex drive, such as:

  • stress
  • personal problems
  • work problems
  • home life (ie spouse, children etc)
  • money issues
  • prescription drugs (ie antidepressants, the pill etc)
  • alcohol
  • recreational drugs
  • fear of pregnancy and/or STDs
  • health issues (ie heart, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, etc)


But for most of us, our sex drive can be like riding on a roller coaster, it has its ups and downs.  So whatever your sex drive might be, make sure that you are being smart about it.  Use protection.  This not only includes condoms but also a form of birth control such as the pill, patch or even an IUD.

Until next week be safe and happy dating!!

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