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DAting Multiple People | Singles WarehouseNavigating the dating world can become quite cumbersome, aggravating, and downright depressing. But there is a way to have fun and really date effectively. The answer is simple…. dating multiple people at a time.

Now, I’m sure you’re probably looking at the screen saying, “What? That is not right. That’s not lady like or proper.” Before you run away and dismiss this idea, allow me to explain the beauty within.

Putting All Your Eggs in One Dating Basket

Let’s face it, the dating scene has changed since our parents were courting each other. There is no such thing as dating one person and severing ties when you realize he isn’t the one for you. Today’s dating scene is filled with men and women dating multiple people whom serve different purposes – the friend, the fun one, the intelligent one, the freaky one… you get the point. With this in mind, is it fair that people continue to date one person with hopes of it becoming something meaningful filled with bliss. I think not. You have options and have the right to exercise them. Dating doesn’t mean you’re married and it isn’t a full-fledged commitment. Have fun dating and by no means am I endorsing being sexual with every person you date. Casual sex is not cool.

Dating one person at a time – especially after recently ending a relationship – can increase your neediness factor if you are not careful. You might inadvertently place all your energy and attention in this person. You are too available and life does not exist outside of him. This will scare any man away – quick. Now enter the emotional games. You intentionally won’t answer his calls because he did not answer yours. You lie and say you have plans and can’t see him but in actuality you are sitting at home sulking because you have nothing to do. Instead of playing games, date another person.

Two is Better Than One

Dating multiple people at a time gives you options. You are in control of your dating life. You select whom to go out with and when.  You won’t have to act as if you are too busy because you really are. Now, you appear more interesting and less intimidating since you are not knocking down the door to be with them or answering every single call – immediately. Date the man you like and the man who is a friend (disclaimer: please inform the man who holds the  friend position; so you don’t lead him on).

Not More Than Three

Dating any more than three is just too much. Date the person you are interested in, your friend (who understands the possibility of a relationship is nil), and someone you just met. This keeps you interested and less available. Another benefit to dating three people is gaining more clarity on the type of person who will mesh with you and your perfect imperfections.

The sole purpose in dating multiple people is to have fun, options, and sanity. We know how the dating scene can play out but with a little patience and learning how to play the game, you will soon find yourself in a relationship perfect for you.

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Senica Evans, is a relationship coach, freelance writer, and author of Married to Him, enjoys helping people navigate the murky dating and relationship waters. She is also vocal in providing tips specifically for the dating single-mom and the divorced and dating. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook. Visit her website http://www.sennysen.com


  • October 26, 2012


    I do agree with you that dating more then one person can be fun. But then again it some times get to be too much, some times finding the time to go on a few dates a week just is not there. Plus if the guys do not know that you are dating more then one guy, it can get really frustrating for them, especially if they really want to get to know you and get serious about you. I think if you are dating more then one guy you should be honest and up front, have your limits and expectations known. Just so things don’t get all messed up. Great post!!

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  • July 5, 2013

    JY Blind

    This is exactly what I mean when I tell people to dump the list and kiss more frogs. As long as you agree that dating means going out with a person for fun and to see how you mesh. The only rule I had for myself was no passionate kisses allowed. Not until I narrowed my options down to the one I thought I’d be in a relationship with.
    Great article Senica!