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The dating online profile seems benign enough. Easy. But, it is important. This is your one chance to put out to the universe and potential dates what you want them to know about you and what you are looking for. The profile IS important. Take your time with it and make sure it is accurate and will illicit the responses you want.

Think about what you look for in a profile and take that personal insight and incorporate it into your profile.

What do you look for in an online dating profile? Here are some important elements to look for:

  1. Current Pictures. Don’t choose photos that span decades. It’s confusing. Pick realistic photos that are current. And put photos of yourself and not animals. OK, the occasional rainbow or sunset is OK, but this is not an art gallery. People want to see what you look like.
  2. Accurate Age (within reason). Be honest with your age. I think a 2 year differential is OK, although I have friends who think that any change in your age is wrong. Some people will put in an age because of how people search for age ranges, but will then be honest in their profile that this is what they did. I think that is acceptable.
  3. A Sincere Essay. The essay about yourself should be sincere and honest. This is not a therapy session so don’t air all your dirty laundry or issues. But try to encompass who you are, what you like and what is important to you. Don’t try to portray yourself as something you are not. Trust me, you will be found out.
  4. Be Realistic  Stating What You Are Looking For. Don’t put up such a wish that even Mother Theresa could not meet it. Please do not scold people or offer ultimatums. In a few brief sentences describe the kind of person you want to be around and can fall in love with.
  5. Grammar & Spelling Are Important. Are the sentences complete, coherent and is the punctuation and grammar correct? When someone makes sure they write correctly, then they will take the time with other things that are important to you.
  6. A Positive Profile! This is not a forum to air all your political beliefs or complain or use it as a memoir. Be honest but upbeat.
  7. Be Respectful Of Age Range Stated In A Profile. Be respectful of the age range the person is looking for and be comfortable and realistic with an age range you are looking for. I hate it when I see 65 year olds say they want females between the ages of 30-40. Really? Look in the mirror and be realistic about if a 30 or 40 year old is good for you. Pick someone age appropriate. I have an age range on my profile and sometimes someone within a couple of years of either side of the range will contact me. That is fine. But, I don’t need 70 year olds emailing me that they want to go for coffee some afternoon.
  8. Be Cautious On Religion / Ethnicity / Politics – all hot topics. But make sure that these elements mesh with what you are looking for. If you are ultra-conservative, you should really think about contacting someone who is ultra-liberal. If you just want to date someone of a specific ethnicity, then don’t click ALL when it comes to ethnicities, unless you are open.

If you are respectful and mindful that your profile is important and should be accurate and you need to respect what someone else’s profile outlines, then you will save time, heartache and may increase your chances of finding the right person.

Good Luck!

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