A Man Bad For Your Heart But Good For Your Libido by @AlexiaSaysLove

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Some men need a big, neon, flashing light above their heads saying ‘BEWARE’.  And you know the ones I mean – suave, charismatic, non-committal, serial daters and dangerously attractive.  These men continue to play the field well into their 40’s, still trying to prove to themselves that they are hot, young things.

Take Mr K Cid, for example, he dates a different woman each and every week; where he has the energy from and hold down a full time job, I’ll never know.  Admittedly, he is intelligent, successful, handsome, still has his own teeth, and has a regular ‘buddy’ to warm him up on cold, lonely nights. Yet, I fail to understand his need for regular dating and flirting with online strangers.  He enjoys excellent sex with his ‘buddy’, they enjoy pleasant conversation and mutual attraction, yet K Cid still feels the need to ‘plough’ his way across the inner and outer London regions (what next, the Home Counties?).

This chap is upfront about his encounters and escapades with women, and just claims he prefers female company to male.  And he has even landed himself a stalker (I guess you are no-one until you get a stalker) Surely, that is karma, right??

Bad For Your Heart, Good For Your Libido

But is there anything wrong with this kind of behaviour from a mid-thirties, single male?  He isn’t lying, cheating or claiming to be a saint about his behaviour and is simply enjoying himself as long as nobody gets hurt.  He is honest about not wanting to settle down for a life of domesticity, nappy-changing, slippers and a pipe, not yet anyway (although slippers and pipe would suit him terribly).

When describing Mr K Cid to any of my female friends they turn up their noses in disgust.  They see him as a selfish, self-centred, arrogant, womanising lethario (and this is toned down!) who has no regard for a woman’s feelings.

So as long as he isn’t leading anyone up the garden path and women equally enjoy his company and share bedroom antics, and know where they stand – what is the problem?  Of course, anyone with dreams of pinning him down should forget it, as it would be like forcing a nun to read 50 Shades of Grey – it’s never going to happen.

So maybe we are just meant to accept that some men need to get it out of their system…and grab those ones with their ‘lights on’.  And ladies, let us pray that our sons do not turn into one of these men, there are enough of them out there as it is and we certainly do not need a whole new generation of them!

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