Women in Pink (WIP) … Helping Single People Everywhere Forget

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Bad Dates, no dates and dates that just stick on you and never go away … sound familiar?

Don’t you wish you had one of those “memory erasing devices” to erase bad date memories or erase men’s memories so they leave you alone? You know one of those “neuralizers” from Men in Black would work well.  Women in Pink (WIP) are promoting the development of a “neuralizer” to wipe the memories of single women and men everywhere.  The neuralizer will be powered by the SWEXPERTS advice and personal experience stories.

Who are the WIP? We are Singles Warehouse Experts on an international mission – spanning the globe helping single people everywhere forget.  Here’s a little about what we do …

Canada Based – WIP Agent Single Dating Diva

What is my mission? To rid people of bad relationship and date memories that hold them back from moving on and healing.  Essentially, my super power is baggage removal.

How? By using WIP’s special memory erasing device, aka “the neuralizer” to help them start over hopeful and positive.

Where? Ottawa, Canada … the cheating capital of Canada, yes it is statistically proven.  Enough said. However, my services are available internationally.

What are the risks? Giving up the baggage that’s holding you back and making you a martyr.

What is the end result? People will be much happier and will be better equipped to be in a healthy relationship without having to hold on to the past. They will feel lighter and more confident about themselves.

US Based – WIP Agent Seven Dates a Week

What is my mission? To simplify and streamline my dating life by erasing the memory of myself from dates I’d rather not see again.

How? By using WIP’s special memory erasing device, aka “the neuralizer”, I’d be able to halt a bad first date in progress, and wipe myself from the memory of the hapless fellows I’m not interested in.  By clearing their memories, I’m freeing them to find others who might be … better suited to them.

Where? Detroit, Michigan, and beyond – wherever ladies can be saved from fellows who don’t take the hint!

What are the risks? Anybody who goes on a date with me is willingly taking a risk.

What is the end result? I and the other ladies I help will have more free time to see folks we do want to spend our time with – and won’t be bothered any longer with texts and emails from those dates who can’t understand we just don’t match.

UK Based – WIP Agent Miss Special Soph

What is my mission? My mission is to wipe out all special aliens (aka ‘men’) out of my memory and out of man kind…might just be known as ‘kind’ from now on…we will get back to you on that one!

How? By using the WIP neuralizer. This device has been specially adapted for the WIP and we are fully trained, if anyone should find the WIP memory erasing device then please, for your own safety, do not touch it or you are at risk of forgetting everything, even down to your name.

Where? Essex, UK. Now, this is one hell of a mission because if anyone knows Essex will know we have many special aliens here and this will take some doing! As I have dated a lot in my time then I have a lot of memory wiping to do. I also feel I need to help the women of Essex, as Essex’s special alien’s idea of a date does involve one drink per person, then the next drink purchased by yourselves and maybe some chips on the walk home, sometimes a lift home if you are lucky (so a drive through may be involved) or some chips after the fiddle in the bush happened, ether way this needs to be wiped and then destroyed.

What are the risks? Yes, you could potentially lose a few brain cells and lose the odd name here and there, but we do believe that the risks outweigh the better life you will encounter from simply not remembering a bloody thing about that lying toe-rag… sorry sometimes you may have little relapse but we are still working and fine tuning the product.   

What is the end result? To never remember a bad date, a bad special alien or a bad relationship ever again and this will result in a happier healthier life style. Who really wants to remember all the dirt bags and players that have hurt us? Yes, we do learn from our mistakes and move on, but that moving on part takes time and with our help we can speed up the process and give you a longer happier love life! So say good bye to Tom, Dick and Harry and hello good times!

What would you use your neuralizer for? If you were a WIP, what would your super power be?


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  • May 4, 2012

    Singles Warehouse

    I remember this film so well and I have to say that the memory wiper is probably the one thing missing from this world and dating. After all we have Speed Dating, Online Dating, Lock and Key Parties, we just don’t have anything to help us forget yet.

  • May 5, 2012


    It would be great to have a neuralizer, seriously … then we wouldn’t have to deal with all the “ickiness” of failed dating experiences …

    • May 5, 2012

      Singles Warehouse

      I would have used it on myself a few times also…

  • May 5, 2012

    Miss Special Soph

    What? Who? Where? What is my name?!! WORKS GREAT!!

    • May 5, 2012

      Singles Warehouse

      What ‘one’ date would you want to erase?

  • May 7, 2012

    Miss Special Soph

    The one where I ended up in a hotel room because I felt sorry for him and he had made an effort…couldnt go there!