Introducing Annabelle Knight to the #SWEXPERTS Team

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Name: Annabelle Knight[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]I can dislocate my hip and eat fire[/quote]

Age: 27

Relationship Status: Living with partner

Location: London

What type of #SWEXPERT are you?

A sex and relationship expert specialising in sex toys.

Fun Fact?

I can dislocate my hip and eat fire… although not at the same time!

Best date you’ve been on?

My first date with my boyfriend, he wined and dined me beyond all expectations!

What’s your most embarrassing dating story?

On a particularly bad date, I feigned illness and escaped through the fire door, only to be caught enjoying a celebratory beverage with my flatmate later on in the night!

What do you think a relationship is about?

Give and take, trust and honesty and love and lust in equal measure!

What golden bit of online dating advice would you give?

Tell the truth… always! Slight exaggeration is fine, everyone wants to seem a little shinier than they really are!!.. but too much exaggeration and you’ll be caught out and look like a right moron!



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Hi there, my name's Annabelle Knight and welcome to my little section here on Singles Warehouse! I'm a typical twentysomething, I love socialising and going out for a dance but I'm equally as happy at home with my boyfriend and little pup! I love antiques and interior design magazines as well as horror films and the odd cheeseburger or two! I work as a presenter and model with my specialism being that I'm a sex and relationship expert. You can find me all over the web as well as in a whole host of magazines such as OK Magazine, Love it and Fabulous. I absolutely adore my job, the best bit is getting an email from someone who's taken my advice and is telling me how well it worked! In the future I hope for world domination! I'd like my own TV show, radio show and magazine columns. I want to continue writing and vlogging and just generally spread the good word of Annabelle Knight! Follow Annabelle Knight on TWITTER


  • May 7, 2012

    Singles Warehouse

    Welcome to the Team Annabelle – can’t wait to watch the show…

  • May 8, 2012


    Welcome to the SWEXPERTS Annabelle! You will love it here 🙂 Your “sexpertise” is a welcome addition!

  • May 9, 2012


    Thanks guys!! I’m honestly blown away by the warm welcome!! xxx

  • May 10, 2012


    Welcome to the SWEXPERTS team! Totally looking forward to your Vlogs 🙂

  • May 10, 2012

    Annabelle Knight

    OK, so I’m logged in now… phew this techy stuff is hard!! haha, again thanks so much for the warm welcome, if anyone has any tips for me on how to make my vlogs better (already had a telling off about the lighting from my production mad boyfriend!!) then please let me know!! xxxx

  • January 30, 2013


    Welcome Annabelle