From Dateless to Dating Guru? It Can Only Happen on the Internet by @FindRichHusband

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When I confess that I blog about dating, I’m often asked: well, what made you decide to do that? Aren’t there enough dating bloggers out there? Are you trying to be a real-life Carrie Bradshaw?

My answers are straight forward:

  1. A boy named William.
  2. Yes, but just like there’s always room for yet more reality TV, there’s always room for another single girl blog.
  3. No, but I would love her wardrobe… and Chris Noth.

I’m excited to be one of the newest additions to the SWExperts roster. Like my guru teammates, I’ve been sharing my experiences in dating and heart-breaking out in the blogosphere for a while.  I started my blog, They Told Me to Find a Rich Husband, back in 2009 when an “ah ha!” moment lead to the end of what I thought would be an enduring romance. I was also partly inspired by my Doctor, whose general prescription for all of life’s physical and emotional ailments was a rich husband.

Growing up the quintessential girl next door, always game for a pick-up game or a trip to Yankee Stadium, dating was something I got a late start on.

When it comes to finding love, I’ve always been willing to go the distance, but so far, I’ve yet to reach the finish line.

In high school, I joined the film club because a boy I had a crush was the president. I was the Arts & Entertainment Editor of the school’s newspaper and carried a reputation for, almost pathetically, knowing my way around the VHS’s at Captain Video. When crush boy asked me to join the club, I flattered myself with the thought that I might be considered a valuable addition to the potential dialog.

To support my new future Ebert Roeper aspirations, my mother was quick to bring home her old time favorites.

“I’m going to have you watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I saw it when I was about your age. It was the first movie that made me think about sex,” my mother said proudly as she pushed the cassette into the VCR. “I married your father a year later.”

The first movie that made me think about sex was The Little Mermaid. I was 4 and it was the first movie I had ever seen in a theater.

My mother and I clearly moved on different curves when it came to sex.

We also had clearly different ideas of what was sexy, and doubtlessly, this was going to be the source of much contention in the future. While I had a preference for floppy-haired princes with row boats and an aptitude for song she was turned on by plaid shirts and barn-raising. I guess it was because she was Canadian.

But then again, my mother was married at 17, and here I am, approaching 27 still very much unwed and still very much single. Maybe she really did have the one-up on me.

Yet, despite my mother’s encouragement, Mr. Film Club President and I never were. Nor were me and any of the other boys I had crushes on in my teen years.

“She had been forced into prudence in her youth, she learned romance as she grew older — the natural sequel of an unnatural beginning” 

When Jane Austen wrote that about Anne Elliot in Persuasion, she might as well have been writing about me.

I guess that’s really why I’m here, on Singles Warehouse and on They Told Me to Find a Rich Husband tip-tap-typing away – to share both the prudence garnered from years in the trenches of love’s warfare and the lessons learned about romance in the process.


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I’m a New York-based, late-20-something female, part Carrie Bradshaw, part Elizabeth Bennett, part Bridget Jones...mostly myself. The #1 piece of advice people give me to help me navigate my way through early adulthood: “Find yourself a nice, rich husband.” Surely, they had better advice to offer than that? These "words of wisdom" inspired a blog, They Told Me to Find a Rich Husband, and a twitter account: @FindRichHusband. Sometimes, I'm funny. Sometimes, I'm insightful. Mostly, I'm just trying to figure this whole "finding Mr. Right" thing out. .

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  • May 26, 2012


    we’re all learning as we go along, but we do have to make our experiences … PS not all Canadians are turned on by plaid shirts and barn-raising (just saying ;)) LOL!!