Introducing SingleDC to the Singles Warehouse Team #SWEXPERT with @SingleDC

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Name: SingleDC[quote align=”right” color=”#999999″]So I admit I’m kind of an odd duck when it comes to food[/quote]

Age: 24

Relationship Status: Soooo Single

What type of #SWEXPERT are you?

Dating with half a dash of awkward and a bucket of booze.

Location: Washington, DC

Fun Fact?

I’m originally from China… Texas

Best date you’ve been on?

I was waiting on the bed for this guy I had been dating to get ready. He was taking his time in the bathroom and originally I thought, probably using the bathroom, but when I knocked on the door he was sitting in the tub. That wasn’t the date, but the fact that someone felt completely comfortable in our relationship that he knew it’d be ok to take a bath while I waited, was so nice. Those are my favorite kind of dates, the kind where you’re totally comfortable doing anything and everything with that person. He took me out for pizza and a show afterwards, promise.

Why do you enjoy writing for Singles Warehouse?

Telling stories is my entire reason for being, and I love sharing them with people, except in person. I can write stories all day long, but stick me in front of someone staring at me waiting for the punch line, and I freak out. Writing for Singles Warehouse lets me share my writing with like-minded individuals in an exciting environment without everyone’s eyes staring at me.

What’s your most embarrassing dating story?

So I admit I’m kind of an odd duck when it comes to food. I like odd flavor combinations, like guacamole on pizza and salsa on pasta, but I normally keep that to myself… except for a guy named Joe. I told Joe that I thought kit-kats dipped in cocacola were the most delicious things ever. He bought me a bottle of coke, and a couple kit-kats. I couldn’t dip them in the soda cause of the weird bottle shape so I broke them up and dropped them in… bobbing for kit-kat blobs in soda is never sexy ladies… never. I wound up wearing half the bottle of coke and spilling melty kit kats on the poor guy, but he did ask me out for another date – take that as you will.

What do you think a relationship is about?

Lots and lots of sexytime… right? At least that’s what all the boys keep telling me. I think it’s probably more about committing to someone that you believe in and who believes in you.

What golden bit of online dating advice would you give?

Dating is a journey without a road map. Be adventurous and date outside of your type every once in a while. You might be horribly surprised with what you learn, and who you meet.


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SingleDC is a dating aficionado with a penchant for finding romance and laughter in the most random places of Washington, DC and beyond. Sometimes single and sometimes not, she offers up stories, embarrassing and non, to let others learn from her mistakes, failures, and triumphs.


  • April 5, 2012

    Singles Warehouse

    Welcome to the #SWEXPERT team – looking forward to hearing all about your dating stories.

  • April 6, 2012

    Dating Blind

    Bobbing for Kit-Kats, that’s awesome! What do you think about french fries and chocolate shakes? My wife loves ’em and I think she’s a bit odd.
    Welcome to the family by the way.

    • April 9, 2012


      Just because you said that… that’s all I want now. I love fries dipped in a chocolate shake! You might think she’s odd, but you did marry her so there’s gotta be something redeeming about liking fries in chocolate shakes, haha! Thanks, Happy to be a part of it!

  • April 6, 2012

    Jonathan Bird

    Originally from China! yeah yeah yeah!

    • April 9, 2012


      I am from China!!! Look it up, real place!