Single in December

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I have been single most of my life so I have definitely gone through quite a few holiday seasons by myself but the older I get the more I find that people are quite invested in whether or not I am dating anyway. And if I am not, they want to know why. During the summer I found that saying I was playing the field went over well with everyone but now that the temperatures have dropped and the festivities have begun I keep being asked to clarify my relationship status. Of course the true story is I was essentially dumped less than a week ago but because I had never really clarified my status with him prior to it ending most people aren’t aware that I was actually on my path to a relationship. While break-ups suck I am beginning to realize this really isn’t the worst time to be single, at least not for me. Here’s why:
1. I can eat whatever I want. The holidays are chockfull of good food; even right now I am enjoying a slice of millionaire shortbread that my mom only makes in December. Being in a relationship inevitably makes me self-conscious about my weight at all times. When I am single I am more invested in just being happy and sometimes holiday food is just what I need. I think it’s true that for a lot us this works the opposite way in that you are more likely to diet when you are single in the hopes that you will get a guy because you’re skinnier. I have never really thought like that; I am way more aware of my weight if I am seeing someone consistently. So I consider this time alone an excuse to thoroughly enjoy all the holidays have to offer.
2. The holidays are a time for family. Nothing makes you realize this more than being depressed and self-confined at your house. I have been home from college for five days and really the only person I have made plans with is my mom. There was definitely a point in my life where this would have added to my depression but growing up has taught me to value my mom more than anyone. Take some time off from your social life to recover and soak in the family love. Or, if family love isn’t what you are into, just stay with some very close friends. Basically find people you don’t need to explain yourself to and revel in that fact alone.

3. New Years Eve is all yours. New Years Eve is probably one of the most weirdly magical nights of the year. You get to go out in a sparkly dress, drink a lot, kiss someone, and then party for the rest of the night. While it may theoretically  be nice to know who a you are going to kiss in advance there is a certain beauty in winging it. The best New Years Eve kisses I have ever had were the ones I didn’t plan. The ones I didn’t even expect to get. It’s this incredible moment where it is completely socially acceptable to make out with a total stranger, and those, ladies and gentlemen, are my favorite kind of moments.

Being single can definitely suck, especially when it’s not by your own doing. But don’t start feeling down on yourself now. This is the best time to have some me time and to learn to love yourself as much as everyone around you already loves you.

By Ruthless Romantic

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