First Impressions

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This week I’ve been dipping my cyber toes into the pool of internet dating for the very first time, using Singles Warehouse as my emergency floatation device.

When first setting up my profile I had one picture that was alright; quite nice but more importantly, natural looking. This was accompanied by a well thought out, honest and grammatically accurate personal profile. This got boring fast; I want to make a good first impression but then again I’m not listed as ‘looking for romance’ or ‘a serious relationship’. I’m ‘looking for fun’; I’m fun girl.

This revelation got me thinking about these so called ‘vital’ first impressions. Compared to real life, in which you’ll probably meet prospective partners through friends, work or activities, you often have more than one chance to make a good impression. I am one of those people who try too hard to make a good impression, ending up ultimately and usually in failure. This is what scared me about the prospect of online dating; you get ONE impression.

So I decided to do a Singles Warehouse EXPERIMENT!

Brutal, but in this case, kind of true.

This week I have deleted my beautifully eloquent personal profile and uploaded the sluttiest/airbrushed photo of myself I could find, in an attempt to see how many emails and winks I can get. After this week is over I will go back to normal looking but seemingly intelligent and nice.

Within the first 3 days of being fit but boring I had received 40 emails and winks, however after excitedly clicking on my inbox it dawned on me that nearly 80% of those people were either 40+, really unattractive or just sounded like complete morons. My first impression of online dating was not the best.

If a person IS single, there’s a reason. Whether it’s disappointing genitalia or narcissistic tendencies, you just sit there waiting for the truth to come out. Maybe this is a pessimistic outlook when it comes to internet dating and even dating in general; but I like to write about what I know; and I know that at 19 years old, I am already a bitter old lady.

I am also however, willing to be proven wrong. I WANT to believe that there are nice, good looking, worthwhile people who use internet dating. Not just the idiots I keep getting winked by;

“Right Jus Abit bout Maself 😉 Imm Tall-ish, Athletic Build And Love To Play Sports And Keep Fit Im Looking Too Meet Up Wid Ladies And Ave abit OF Funn Imm Loveable And Apparently Quite Cute :P”

Oh You’re Apparently Quite Cute Mate? Giving Every Word A Capitol Letter Is Not Quite Cute, It’s Just Quite Annoying. Next please.

“I am a Liverpool supporter and i like ladies that are older than me possibly ones with huge boobs”

See at least this guy is honest, I’ll give him that. He’s listed what he thinks is his most redeeming and attractive feature; his football team, and his type. Sadly I’m a year younger than him and only have 32Cs. DAYUM! Missed the boat there…

Maybe I’m just being too picky; both of those guys were actually quite fit. I just don’t know how willing I am to compromise my standards. I’m also not sure which standards TO compromise; do I go for the fit idiot, or the fugly charmer? Is there a lesser of two evils?

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