Don’t say it with Flowers (Sorry Florists!)

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Don’t say it with flowers (apologies to florists)!

So, you’ve been out on that first date and you want to say thank you.  You’ve met someone and want to tell them that they are the “one”.  Or you just want to touch base with a friend and tell them that you are thinking of them.  What do you do?

The most obvious thing to do is send a bunch of flowers.  Big mistake!

  1. Flowers are expensive
  2. What if your beloved has hayfever?
  3. Some flowers signify grief, some mourning and some death
  4. Flowers don’t last long – they die

The same reasoning applies to taking them out to dinner.

  1. A meal out is expensive
  2. Who knows what food allergies your date has?
  3. Rude service, cold food, warm champagne
  4. Food doesn’t last – once it’s eaten, it’s gone

Or a cinema trip.

  1. Hideously expensive
  2. Your idea of a good film may not be theirs (Saw III is not to everyone’s taste)
  3. Cinemas  smell of stale sweat, old popcorn and those huge hotdogs they sell at exorbitant prices
  4. Once you’ve seen it you know the end – think Sixth Sense, no point seeing that more than once

How about sending a card instead? Not your run of the mill card shop card, but a unique handmade card that can be kept forever and will stand out on the recipient’s mantelpiece as something made with care and chosen with love.

Nothing can beat the thrill of the postman bringing personal mail in amongst all the junk and bills.  And nothing can compare to that tingle you get when you realise that it is something really special, like a well chosen unique card, with a handwritten message for you straight from the heart of the sender.  In these days of impersonal email and cold text message a tangible, solid sign of someone’s affection and love simply cannot be matched.  And imagine the pleasure you will get in twenty years time when your beloved looks at those cards kept in their special keepsake box where they have been carefully placed and treasured because they meant so much to them.

Here at Tickled Pink Crafts we truly believe that the personal touch is what will make you stand out from the crowd.  We handmake a variety of unique cards using several different techniques, each of which create stunning and distinctive cards that you won’t find in the shops, and which are a cheap alternative to flowers/dinner dates/cinema outings, and say more about you and your feelings than a trip to the flicks ever could.

So go on, have a look at Tickled Pink Crafts where you will find many more examples of our lovely cards.  And then take the plunge, buy one!  Go on!  I promise you it will have a much bigger impact than flowers (or maybe accompany it with a bunch if you are feeling particularly flush) and the effect will last a lot longer!!

Finally a quick note of thanks to Singles Warehouse for letting us guest post on their great blog, and to wish you all good luck in your search for love.

Mrs Pink – Tickled Pink Crafts.

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